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I forgot to “cost” my Reduced-sugar Pear Cardamon jelly …

… and I know–for a lot of you–you could care less what the actual cost of stuff like this. You just want to enjoy it for the taste, the convenience, the control over your diet, or whatever … but I’ve … Continue reading

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Reduced-Sugar Pear Cardamon Jelly … from leftovers?

I told you about dehydrating pears recently … that the pears were packed in pure pear juice … and that I had plans for that juice. Well, today that juice and I had an appointment with destiny I bought two … Continue reading

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Reduced-Sugar, sort-of-vegetarian, “Cooked in the jar” Pork and Beans :)

How’s that for a title? A great friend–someone I met on one of my Yahoo canning groups about a year ago … who I’ve bonded with so fast I’m positive we canned together in a former life –asked recently if … Continue reading

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Reduced-sugar Kiwi-Pineapple Jam

WinCo–ever the source of excellent goodies for my canning pots–had kiwis on sale this week too, priced a mere $1.79 for a one pound bag. Each bag contained eight or nine smallish kiwis, each very juicy and perfectly ripe. Strangely, … Continue reading

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Canning with Splenda®!

I meet a lot of people in the online food communities looking for sugar-free or reduced sugar cooking and canning alternatives … something–in case you haven’t noticed–I tend to do a lot of. There’s a good reason for that. Like … Continue reading

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$2.00 Box Challenge: It’s Blonde Chutney time! :)

I stopped by my favorite local fruit and veggie stand today, looking for our next Two Dollar Box Challenge. And, as luck would have it, I had more than one choice: My favorite small dehydrator is already full of cherries, … Continue reading

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