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Update on the Voilette Mustard :)

If you remember, back a couple of months ago … I tried my hand at mustard-making for the first time … choosing to start–as I often do–by trying to decipher several elaborate centuries-old recipes for an extremely rare mustard that … Continue reading

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Moustarde au Violette, aka “Violet Mustard”

When my husband first tried the Moustarde au Violette at Zingerman’s nearly 12 years ago … he became an instant fan. They describe it on their website by saying: Moustarde au violette has been eaten in French grape growing regions … Continue reading

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We tried the Canned Coleslaw this evening!

This evening we decided to dine on marinated and grilled flank steak, flanked by some good, sweet corn on the cob: probably the last we’ll get this year. With those beauties on our plates, it was a perfect evening to … Continue reading

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Sugar-Free Canned Coleslaw! :)

I know. That sounds really bizzare, doesn’t it? But, I gotta tell you … it’s actually some pretty creative canning. In fact, it’s so creative … it’s even based on a recipe from the Creative Canning website! The process is … Continue reading

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A new $2.00 Box Challenge: Pickles and more :)

When I stopped by my favorite local fruit and veggie market this weekend, looking for some inexpensive inspiration, I found a Two Dollar Box with lots of potential! It was the 4th of July weekend, and we had plans to … Continue reading

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