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Indo Cafe – Seattle, WA

After our writers group meeting on Sunday, my husband and I decided to dig into our stash of Restaurant.com gift certificates for something new and interesting for an early dinner. After flipping back and forth, discussing for a bit … … Continue reading

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New Leaf Cafe – Orcas Island, WA

On our last full day on Orcas, we made reservations for an early dinner at one of the nicer restaurants on the island: the New Leaf Café The New Leaf Café is part of the Outlook Inn, strategically located in … Continue reading

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Reporting back on the ‘gizzards in onion gravy’ experiment!

I cracked open a jar today for lunch … I couldn’t wait! Here’s how my jars came out by the time they’d cooled the next day. As you can kinda see, there is a little bit of separated moisture at … Continue reading

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A mixed up day of canning, phase two: Chicken Gizzards and onion gravy

I know. I probably just lost half my readership with that title. Why are people so down on chicken gizzards. Sure, if they’re not cooked right, they’re like eating big, chunky rubber pencil erasers. But if they are cooked right … Continue reading

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Making Cheese Crispies for the Ladies!

For one of our Thursday snacks last year, I took fresh croissants I picked up from a local grocery store bakery, made a pocket in each of them, filled the pocket with a little bit of wonderful pear-scented chocolate, and … Continue reading

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Product review: Cougar Cheese from the creamery at Washington State University

While hunting for the information about the Master Food Preservers Certification–annoyingly, now effectively defunct for 95+% of the population of the state of Washington … including your Fearless Blogger–I made another discovery about Washington State University: they have a working … Continue reading

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Baking my Chicken Pot pies :)

Oh, darn! One of my jars didn’t seal … and I need lunch. Let’s see: biscuit crust, 425 degrees, 20 minutes. I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking I’m too busy eating to say much more

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Chicken Pot Pies: or, if it works great one way … try it another way, too :)

After the rousing approval my canned Beef Pot Pie filling got from my husband, I decided to give Chicken Pot Pie Filling a try, too. I also decided to go a little different in the way I prepared the chicken, … Continue reading

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What can you do when you have open spaces in your pressure canner?

It happens all the time. You make a batch of something, and it either doesn’t quite make enough jars to fill an entire canner. Or it makes a few over the normal canner load … so you have to run … Continue reading

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Chickpeas in Ginger Sauce :)

I shared this recipe with my friend Sheila this week. Her daughter is a vegetarian, so she’s always looking for new recipes … and I knew she’d like this one. Since she talked about it here on another post, she … Continue reading

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