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Sampling cheese with the ladies :)

One of my closest friends here is originally from England, and–through her–I’ve been learning a lot more about traditional English cuisine in various areas … including their traditional cheeses Let me say up front … I’m a total cheese-hound! In … Continue reading

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I forgot to “cost” my Reduced-sugar Pear Cardamon jelly …

… and I know–for a lot of you–you could care less what the actual cost of stuff like this. You just want to enjoy it for the taste, the convenience, the control over your diet, or whatever … but I’ve … Continue reading

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My new Butter Bell :)

You may remember that I made myself a butter bell recently, but–as inspired as the idea was … I’ve got to be honest–I’m having problems finding the right glue to make it a permanent set-up. After a certain amount of … Continue reading

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Blueberries … or how I fought the car blues … with blues times two :)

Things are finally starting to calm down a little around here, chaos caused by–among other things–blowing the engine in our last working vehicle a couple of weeks ago. We hate car shopping–as evidenced by how rarely we do it (we … Continue reading

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