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Sampling cheese with the ladies :)

One of my closest friends here is originally from England, and–through her–I’ve been learning a lot more about traditional English cuisine in various areas … including their traditional cheeses Let me say up front … I’m a total cheese-hound! In … Continue reading

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The Counter — Seattle, WA

I happened to be down near my husband’s office around lunchtime today, so I surprised him by calling and saying, “I know I packed you a yummy homemade lunch this morning, but don’t you want to get out of the … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Recipes: Italian Nachos :)

We needed a quick and easy dinner tonight … and Italian Nachos were the perfect solution Start with a layer of chips on an oven-friendly plate. In the past, our favorite chips are either plain bagel chips or those great … Continue reading

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Soprano’s Pizza and Pasta — Seattle, WA

Sunday, we decided to start celebrating our Valentine’s Day early with a movie and then dinner out. After a 3-D showing of The Green Hornet (it was okay. I expected it to be a silly romp filled with kung-fu and … Continue reading

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Making Cheese Crispies for the Ladies!

For one of our Thursday snacks last year, I took fresh croissants I picked up from a local grocery store bakery, made a pocket in each of them, filled the pocket with a little bit of wonderful pear-scented chocolate, and … Continue reading

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Product review: Cougar Cheese from the creamery at Washington State University

While hunting for the information about the Master Food Preservers Certification–annoyingly, now effectively defunct for 95+% of the population of the state of Washington … including your Fearless Blogger–I made another discovery about Washington State University: they have a working … Continue reading

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Grilled Rubens, thanks to Zingermans … and my own canning :)

I always try to give you pictures when I use something I’ve canned as part of a meal. Well … how does this look to you? Voila! The Grilled Ruben! Zingerman’s Pumpernickel bread, swiss cheese, my own canned corned beef, … Continue reading

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Beth’s — Seattle, WA

The disclaimer at the bottom of the menu at Beth’s Cafe says it all! Please note that eating any raw and/or undercooked foods, playing in traffic, or running with scissors can make you not feel very good. Part greasy spoon, … Continue reading

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Fromage Fort: Or, what can I do with all these leftover bits of cheese?

Today was Ladies Day, so it was time to make something yummy for the ladies! We’ve been trying to avoid desserts for a few weeks again–especially over the holidays–so I went to my fridge looking for inspiration. I scratched my … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheese with attitude … thanks to a little help from Zingerman’s!

It’s my husband’s last day off from his New Year’s break today, so we’re still being lazy. We slept in, then had homemade eggnog for breakfast … along with a piece of butter-toasted Zingerman’s Chocolate Cherry Bread. It was–simply put–decadent … Continue reading

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