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Kangaroo and Kiwi, Seattle WA

I LOVE GROUPON! They give us a chance to explore restaurants we might not normally visit, and at a fairly hefty discount, too! Sure, we’ve found a few restaurant duds along the way. All the advertising and Yelp reviews in … Continue reading

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Adjust for Elevation, and more: meat!

From vegetables, we’re now going to move over to meat, which–honestly–is even easier than vegetables. There are fewer categories, again, listed with the required pint/quart processing times. chicken and rabbit, without bones — 75/90; with bones – 65/75 chicken and … Continue reading

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New Leaf Cafe – Orcas Island, WA

On our last full day on Orcas, we made reservations for an early dinner at one of the nicer restaurants on the island: the New Leaf Café The New Leaf Café is part of the Outlook Inn, strategically located in … Continue reading

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University of Washington Medical Center Room Service

Yes, Dear Readers … I’ve been quiet for a bit here. The truth is, I’ve been having a little unexpected health fun, that–unfortunately–included a hospital stay at the University of Washington Medical Center. By the time they got me settled … Continue reading

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A two-fer! While I’m canning chicken, I may as well can some corned beef, too!

Yes, Dear Reader … it’s that time of year! The time–shortly before/after St. Patrick’s Day–when you can actually find corned beef in the grocery stores at something that at least resembles a deal! It’s such a special item for so … Continue reading

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Using your canned goods: 10 minute chili!

It was a typical night around here: “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know. What do YOU want for dinner?” So I decided to see how fast I could cook a hot, filling meal. On your mark … … Continue reading

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Making meaty beef-mushroom stock :)

At WinCo this weekend, they had these great bags of beef “knuckle bones” on sale for $1.08/lb … and these beautiful slices of ox tail for $1.89/lb. I had visions of beef-mushroom stock instantly I bought two big pieces of … Continue reading

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By request: Westlake Beef Soup :)

I mentioned this soup on one of my Yahoo groups–in a post about how do you use the things you can?–and I got a request from AFoodJourneyToGo.com’s biggest fan–Sheila in GA–that I put the recipe up on my blog. Of … Continue reading

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Grilled Rubens, thanks to Zingermans … and my own canning :)

I always try to give you pictures when I use something I’ve canned as part of a meal. Well … how does this look to you? Voila! The Grilled Ruben! Zingerman’s Pumpernickel bread, swiss cheese, my own canned corned beef, … Continue reading

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Baking my first pot pie from the first beef pot pie experiment

I decided tonight it was time to try the canned beef pot pies I made earlier in the week. I designed them to be quick and easy … and tonight was their chance to prove it to me! I grabbed … Continue reading

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