An update on blog recovery

Hi gang! :)

So far, so good! My blog seems to be back up now (mostly, anyway) and running just fine. With John’s help, I’ve also set up MUCH HEAVIER SECURITY on the whole thing this time. Let’s hope that helps protect it going forward, and keeps the internet script kitties and malware programmers from attacking my site again.

I’ve done a quick scan thru all of my old posts, and the only problem I’m finding (so far, anyway) is that a few of the images–ones that were previously posted in-line in almost every post–now seem to be missing. It hasn’t affected every post, and there don’t seem to be any posts that have lost *all* of their images, but there are quite a few posts where it’s obvious that there are one or more images missing, as evidenced by the big white space in the post where the image used to be.

So if you come across one of those white blocks here, especially with text around them describing a missing image, that’s what happened.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for which images are gone/were left behind … so, no clue there. I also don’t know yet if the images are still in the database of the site–or not–but my game plan is to head there when I get a chance, and to start reinstalling them if the only problem is that they somehow got unhooked from their respective posts. Keep your fingers crossed that the hackers didn’t compromise them somehow, and that they weren’t part of the virus sweep/clean up I just completed, because–if they’re still there–it’s a quick process to put them back where they belong on the live site. I just have to do it by hand, one at a time. But if the images were deleted from the library somehow, either by the hackers, the anti-virus software, or some other way … then they’re gone, unfortunately, and can’t be recreated.

I’m swamped right now with other projects, but I’m working on getting back in that blogging frame of mind!

More soon :)

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