No, I’m not dead ;-/

I know I just dropped off the face of the earth abruptly. Sorry about that, gang! … but someone hacked my blog and shut me out of the administration of it early last year … and this is the first time I’ve been able to get back into it again. I don’t have all my tools back yet (what have they done in here?!?!) … but I was finally able to shut them out of it (I think, anyway) and I can at least approve comments and post a little again … so that’s a major improvement. In the interim, I also started a continuation of this blog (at but my health took a turn for the worst back in October of 2011 … and it’s made canning/writing/working on my computer very difficult for me ever since. My apologies! Hopefully I’ll be able to start back to creating recipes, canning, and blogging again soon. Send positive energy toward my pain management doctors!

Until then, I’m still available on occasion on the Home Canning Yahoo group … and if you have private questions about anything I’ve posted about here. Just drop me a note at :)

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Just a canner ... on this food journey called life :)
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