Pandan-flavored Cereal Bars

I know, I know … what-the-heck is she eating now? :)

Why, it’s Pandan-flavor Cereal Snack!

I know, the name doesn’t help much … does it? :)

Let’s break it down, shall we? First, Pandan (aka: screwpine) is an herb/flavorant that’s as popular in certain Asian cuisines as vanilla is in American cuisine. I went looking for a way to describe the taste, hoping someone else had come up with a better way to explain it other than my own “it kinda tastes herbal and coconutty at the same time” description … but apparently most other people seem to have the same problem I do. Like so many other unusual and exotic things I (and others) have tried, when someone says “soOOooo … what does pandan taste like” … we just pretty much have to say “um? … well … it tastes like pandan” :)

Beyond the pandan flavor, the “Cereal Snack” is basically made up of puffed grains of rice and sesame seeds, held together by a slightly sweet/slightly sticky sugary substance. In other words, they’re kinda like the Asian version of Rice Krispy Treats. They’re crispy and chewy and sweet and pandanny … all at the same time! I’m totally addicted to them … but–unfortunately, like so many other international foods–I’ve only found them in one store. Worse news, it’s a small Asian grocery in Chattanooga, TN … close to 3,000 miles away from where I live :(

So I’ll get them when I can, but I highly recommend that you try the Pandan-flavor Cereal Bars if you find them near you! You may love them as much as I do!

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