A quick note on the “NCHFP by time” chart

I posted my What do you do when you have open spaces in your canner? post the day before yesterday … and realized within the first 24-hours that I could have made them SOOO much better if I’d made them linked lists. I also decided that it wasn’t really a good tool unless it included things like fruit spreads and pickles, too.

I sat down to rectify that situation … and discovered something interesting: I’m so long-winded … that I can create a post (this one, full of links) that’s soooooo large that even WordPress can’t handle it ….*chuckles*

Instead, I split my list into two pieces … BWB and Pressure canner … and made them into two permanent pages on my blog … ones that appear at the top of every page. In other words, when you’re planning a day of canning … check in the appropriate list to see if there’s something else you want to make at the same time … that can go right into the same canner as your other project :)

You’ll find the BWB list here, and the pressure canner list here. Enjoy! :)

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