Adjust for Elevation, and more: Chutneys!

By this point, chutney should be easy … right :)

Chutney is a spread normally made of either fruits or vegetables–or a combo of both–with vinegar included in the mix … that’s then jelled like a fruit butter or preserve. The NCHFP gives you four basic chutney recipes–Apple, Mango, Tomato-Apple, and Cranberry-Orange–but as any chutney fan will tell you, that only scratches the surface when it comes to chutney potential.

In general, a good, safe canned chutney should include at least one cup of 5% vinegar (white, cider, malt, wine, etc.) for every five cups of chopped fruit and vegetables. This mixture should also include a minimum of one cup of sugar (white or brown) for every five cups of chopped fruit and vegetables. This inclusion of vinegar and sugar will help extend the life of your chutney … no matter what the main players may be … and more is always better than less when it comes to longevity :)

As far as processing goes, all chutneys should be processed based on the same 10/15/20 scale as that group of pickles … namely:

  • 10 minutes at altitudes of less than 1,000 ft
  • 15 minutes for 1,001 ft to 6,000 ft
  • 20 minutes for altitudes of over 6,000 ft

Beyond that, compare your chutney recipe with these parameters, and adjust where necessary.

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