Best 1 Teriyaki — Everett, WA

Later in the evening, after we’d finished our bubble drinks, we decided to get take-out from a local place my friends had been bragging on for months: Best 1 Teriyaki. I wasn’t able to find a website for them, but you can find them at:

10430 19th Ave
Everett, WA 98208-4200
(425) 338-2543

I have to admit up-front that my husband and I have a running joke about teriyaki and coffee, both things you can find on almost every corner in Seattle and the surrounding communities. We’ll be riding down a city street someplace together, and one of us will turn to the other and say “Oh, look … it’s a teriyaki place” …. or “look, it’s a coffee shack!” … voiced like we’ve never seen one before. The other will respond with equal incredulity … “What?!?! In SEATTLE!?!?!

I know. It’s silly … but it never fails to amuse us :)

Best 1’s menu is not very extensive, but that’s fairly typical of Seattle-area teriyaki restaurants. They offer several meats and meat substitutes done teriyaki-style, a goyza appetizer/plate–soup of some sort and maybe an eggroll, along with their classic sticky rice and ginger-dressed lettuce salad sides–and then maybe just a few other boring old Chinese/stir fry-style entrees. Mostly though … if you walk into a teriyaki place in Seattle … it’s because you’re there to eat teriyaki.

I haven’t eaten a lot of teriyaki since my gastric bypass surgery, thanks to the combo of tough, frequently fatty meats, sticky rice, and sugary sauces … but I did remember it fondly from before … and my friends had just been bragging and bragging and BRAGGING about the place … so we decided to order our dinner from there that evening.

As you can see, there’s not much to their menu … just one 8.5 X 11 sheet, folded in half.

I decided to follow suit with most of my other friends … and ended up ordering the pork teriyaki plate:

Also, one of the other folks ordered the chicken teriyaki and goyza combo … so I got to try tastes of that, too! :)

Honestly, my experience was mixed. I enjoyed the flavor of my pork teriyaki tremendously … along with the tastes of chicken teriyaki and goyza shared with me. I could easily see why my friends liked it! The rice was perfectly sticky … a plus for good teriyaki. My friends said that the people at Best 1 made their own salad dressing–which was excellent, even dripped over plain iceberg lettuce–and I’m pretty confident they made their own teriyaki sauce, too. I’d never tasted one better, and my pork–while a little fatty–was tender and easy to eat ……..

……. but then … and I don’t know if it was my own allergies (probably better than a 50% chance) or something that happened on their end … but my teriyaki experience just went downhill from there. I won’t go into the graphic details (you’re welcome), but–suffice it to say–I only got through a few bites of my teriyaki before it became “rental food” :(

At first, I assumed it was that the pork was fatty … and that–in my haste to eat it–I might not have chewed it well enough, especially since it was hot. Therefore, when I got home with it later … I tried eating a few more bites cold–carefully–to see if that had been the problem … and, again, it became nothing more than a rental :roll:

I was really disappointed in that, especially since I REALLY liked the flavor of their teriyaki sauce … so, the next morning, I decided to use the leftover rice and teriyaki sauce to warm up with a little Spam for breakfast. Don’t laugh! One day here, I’ll review my favorite Hawaiian BBQ here, and show you the wonders of hot spam “sushi”  … aka: Hawaiian Spam Musubi … which combines the flavors of rice, nori (seaweed), grilled Spam and teriyaki sauce. It’s AWESOME! :)

However, my rice, Spam, and teriyaki sauce went the same route as my hot and cold teriyaki the night before: pretty much instant rental food. As I said, it may well be allergies on my part … and not ANYTHING they did at Best 1 Teriyaki, but–unfortunately–I’ll never eat there again … even though their food tasted wonderful … and didn’t cause my friends any problem at all :(

I suspect that their teriyaki sauce contains papaya in some form–which I’m deathly allergic to–so I can’t give them a rating myself … but my friends all give them a solid B+ … so that’s the best I can do for you. Just be careful if you have allergies like I do. I’d hate for someone else to have to go through what I did :roll:

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