Barlee’s Restaurant, Edmonds WA

My husband and I were looking for a place to grab brunch yesterday morning, and decided to stop at a place that we’ve been once before … Barlee’s Restaurant. We enjoyed it that one time, too … but–thanks to their limited days and hours–we’ve had problems catching them open ever since. I’d heard they had good breakfasts, too … we were right across the street, and it was early enough in the day that we knew they’d be open … so we decided to give them a try.

They have a website, as you can tell from the link above/below, but don’t bother to click it. Strangely, for a restaurant in one of the most high tech cities in the country … their website is a single white page, with this single line of text on it:

Barlee’s Restaurant 7929 Lake Ballinger Way Edmonds, WA 98026-9166 – (425) 672-0200

SoooOoOo … I just don’t think they really know what a website is supposed to be, but–since I go to restaurants for their food, not their web savvy–we decided they were going to feed us :)

My husband’s never been much of a traditional breakfast person. He doesn’t like eggs–loathes them, in fact–so his mother often fed him non traditional things for breakfast when he was growing up, things like veggie soup or sandwiches. Not surprisingly–when given a choice between breakfast foods and lunch foods–he chose a French Dip, with a side of potato salad.

He said the sandwich was hot and filling, but a bit ordinary overall. The meat was basic, the cheese was unremarkable, and the bread was soft. Sure, it soaked up the canned au jus … but it just returned soggy mush, rather than a nice beef broth-soaked bite of crunchy, chewy bread. His potato salad (something we–unfortunately–don’t make a lot of at our house) was the most tasty thing on his plate, but I’d be willing to bet it came out of a big pre-made container.

Whereas, unlike my husband … I LOVE breakfast foods! I’m in my element with a menu full of eggs, sausages, hot cereals, etc. Heck, I’ll eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch and supper, too! It’s my favorite meal, and there’s no law that says you can’t eat it AM and PM!

They had a lot to choose from on the menu, but I ultimately decided upon their Meat Lovers Skillet, a concoction of ham, sausage, bacon, home fries, green onions, peppers, and tomatoes … with eggs-over-easy on top, and a biscuit on the side!

Mmmmmm! I asked them to keep the tomatoes and green onions, cuz I don’t like tomatoes with eggs (except in quiche … and it’s my breakfast, so I get to have it my way!) and raw green onions are kinda woody/filling … when what I needed right that minute was all the PROTEIN I could get! I was still feeling a little under-fed protein-wise, thanks to my fun in the hospital … and this skillet definitely helped me move the scales a little further in a more positive direction.

The eggs were perfectly cooked, and piercing the yolks created a marvelous sauce that flowed over the very nicely-browned meats, potatoes, and peppers below. They really gave everything enough time on the griddle to develop a wonderful caramelization, and it made for an excellent taste and texture … with the small exception of the home fries, which they browned a little too much overall. It was obviously inattention. Each of my potatoes had one side that was tough/over-cooked … but it didn’t bother me too much, since I picked most of the potatoes out anyway. I knew I wasn’t going to eat the whole thing–and that I have two small dogs at home who would be HAPPY … nay, ecstatic … to help me finish my breakfast … no matter how over-cooked the potatoes were–so I just pushed what I didn’t want aside, and ate what I did :)

Speaking of things I wanted to eat, did you get a look at that biscuit on my plate?

Good GRIEF! It was bigger than my husband’s fist … light, fluffy, and served with lots of butter and Barlee’s homemade jam. The last time we ate there, it was strawberry. This time it was raspberry, which was excellent atop my biscuit … at some point later in the day when I needed a pick-me-up :)

Overall, I’ll give Barlee’s a C+ … but they could have easily gotten a B- out of me if they’d just paid attention to the potatoes in my skillet. Even considering my husband’s pedestrian French Dip, it would have made a big difference for me to not have to pick through almost hard potatoes, especially since I really enjoyed the overall flavor of my skillet. We were also the only patrons in the restaurant through a good bit of our visit there … so I can’t even use the excuse that the cook was crazy busy to justify it. They just didn’t pay attention … and it–on top of, shall we say, some less then expensive ingredients–showed in every bite we each ate.

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