Testing out a new “post from the journey” function on my blog

I’ve been doing some software upgrades here this weekend at AFoodJourneyToGo.com, and one of them is gaining the ability to post live posts … from wherever I am at that exact moment … by using my phone. Cool, huh? :)

I’m also hoping it will let me upload images, too … but I’ll take it one test at a time!

Sent from my wonderful, magical iPhone
NOTE: it didn’t work nearly as well as I’d hoped it would have. Despite the fact that the posting above looks fine *now* … you should have seen it when it first came in … all filled with alphabet spaghetti, and making no sense at all … because my phone apparently does some text processing that makes my blog CRAZY!! And I do mean CRAZY! Plus, it doesn’t actually post them … it just sticks them in my ‘drafts’ folder for me to approve the next time I sit down at my computer. So it’s somewhat useful … but not nearly as useful as I’d hoped it would be :(

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