Our Favorite Recipes: Italian Nachos :)

We needed a quick and easy dinner tonight … and Italian Nachos were the perfect solution :)

Start with a layer of chips on an oven-friendly plate. In the past, our favorite chips are either plain bagel chips or those great low-carb tortilla chips from Trader Joes … but tonight we’re trying the new Flat-Out chips.

On top of the chips, I spread some of my canned Italian sausage. Needless to say, this is an excellent way to use your canned meats:

On top of the meat, I often add some alfredo sauce … but I didn’t feel like making any this evening. I also usually include diced fresh tomatoes … but I didn’t have any in the house … and I just didn’t feel like running to the store for a tomato. I added sliced black olives next instead:

Sliced pepperoncini peppers:

Fire-roasted peppers, also from my canning stash:

And then a nice layer of rough shredded Italian cheeses: Asiago, Parmesean, and Romano!

Into a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes … and then Voila! … Italian Nachos!

They were delicious, too … but I have to admit, I won’t buy the Flat-Outs again. I got the whole-wheat version because they were the lowest in carbs … but they were also pretty low in flavor, too … plus, they just got really soggy on the plate, despite the fact that–minus the alfredo sauce–I didn’t have any real moist items in the nachos themselves. The Trader Joe’s chips don’t have that problem … so I’ll definitely go back to them next time.

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