Experimenting with applesauce-based fruit leathers

I found applesauce on sale the other day at Cash and Carry: great big # 10 cans for $3.59. It was an off-brand, yes, but a good deal … so I stuck it in my mental folder for future reference.

Fifteen minutes later, I found these trays in the same store:

A plan was born! I bought two packs, and went back for the applesauce :)

See, I realized the instant I saw these that they would fit in my older dehydrator, and be the prefect thing to do fruit leathers on!

First, I cut the center out of each tray to let air flow through. I could have cut this hole smaller, but I decided that–since the trays are metal … and will, therefore, conduct a lot more heat than the regular plastic inserts … I could probably use the extra ventilation space.

Since I lost one of the trays out of this old dehydrator–thanks to my own stupidity–two packages of three trays were perfect to fill it up.

And fill it … I did :)

I started by cutting the top off of the applesauce. I used my can opener that cuts below the edge on the outside–removing the entire top … and making it a lid with smooth edges–I have plans for this from a survivalist standpoint. I’m keeping the can, so I plan to use it all today.

I used my portioning scoop, and discovered that each section of the tray holds exactly three ounces of applesauce.

I filled each section of the first tray … then got creative from there :)

In my first tray, I made two with cardamon seeds (bottom left) and two with brown sugar rock candy (bottom left) … then left one plain. My idea is to mix and match a lot of flavors this first time … so I can do taste-tests … and decide which I like best.

On the second tray, I used rosemary (along the bottom), black onion seeds (8-1) and then fresh-ground cinnamon and sugar as the loaner.

I started the third tray out with another cinnamon and sugar section (1-3:30), then went with add-on fruits in the other sections: golden raisins along the top and chopped apricots along the bottom.

I realized I needed another plain one, so that’s Mr. 7:30 to Mr. 10 sharp. Over the top, you have candied mandarin orange peel from the other day, followed by big black juicy raisins along the bottom.

I got creative from there! I brought English walnuts, white chocolate chips, and chopped crystallized ginger to the game! :)

The bottom solo is another chopped, crystallized ginger, with (clockwise) dried blueberries and butterscotch chips.

Honestly, I don’t have a clue how any of this is going to taste/work–especially the strange things like chocolate and butterscotch chips–but I had a blast exploring my cabinets looking for variety … and possibility. And don’t worry … I’ll give you a full report once they’re all dry :)

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