The reds and golds of dehydration :)

My dehydrators have been going pretty much full-time for the last week or so, and I’ve noticed a trend. I seem to be drying an awful lot of beta carotene right now. Maybe that’s telling me something about what my own body’s needing … if I keep being drawn to this:

Red bell peppers: 63455mcg beta carotene

Or this:

See how pretty my peels turned out once I dried them and then broke them apart into individual pieces? Most nutritional websites disregard things like peel in their calculations, so I’m not sure how this number relates to the peel itself–which, to me, it seems would hold even MORE beta carotene–but they say there are 1043mcg in a serving of the fruit itself.

I know those gorgeous colors are attracting me … but maybe it’s deeper than that. Maybe I’m craving Vitamin A and all that Beta Carotene goodness. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that–thanks to dehydration–I’m going to be enjoying all of these glorious reds and oranges and yellows for some time to come! :)

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