Grilled Rubens, thanks to Zingermans … and my own canning :)

I always try to give you pictures when I use something I’ve canned as part of a meal. Well … how does this look to you? :)

Voila! The Grilled Ruben! Zingerman’s Pumpernickel bread, swiss cheese, my own canned corned beef, a little sauerkraut, a sprinkle of caraway seeds, all buttered on the outside and grilled using a great new culinary find (thanks, Ann! :)) … called Garlic Gourmay’s Garlic & Cheese Sprinkles! We got a jar for a holiday present … and I’ve already a) finished the bottle then b) found out where they sell it locally … so I can buy us more.

Trust me: this is every bit as good as it looks :)

Crispy on the outside, moist and meaty and flavorful on the inside … it’s just plain good! :)

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