Baking my first pot pie from the first beef pot pie experiment

I decided tonight it was time to try the canned beef pot pies I made earlier in the week. I designed them to be quick and easy … and tonight was their chance to prove it to me!

I grabbed a jar and dumped it into one of the perfect pot-pie size square baking dishes I’d grabbed at Ikea recently. The contents of the jar looked great in the dish, and–even room temperature–a quick taste told me I have a treat on the way :)

At this point–as I said in the original post–I could top this with a lot of different things: mashed potatoes, a biscuit–even a leftover one–a wet-mixed quick bread-type topping, een something as simple as a piece of buttered toast … or–if I felt creative–I could always go classic … and make a shortening-based pie crust.

I ultimately didn’t have to do any of those things. Instead, I remembered that I had a package of ready-made pie crust in my fridge, one of those roll-out types that are pretty good these days … despite the fact that they come out of a box.

I didn’t need the whole thing for my little pot pie–and I was just making it for myself, of course … it didn’t necessarily have to be pretty–so I just basically ripped off about a third of one pie crust (I’ll save the rest of it for more potpies), tore it into sections, then rearranged them on the top of my pot pie to that it was mostly covered, like this:

It’s not pretty … but it works, and it took me exactly two minutes to put together and tuck away in a pre-heated 425 degree oven. Speed beats presentation some days … and today was one of them!

Eighteen minutes later:

Those cracks in that inexpensive, pre-made crust don’t make it taste any less wonderful! Now I REALLY can’t wait to try making the chicken version … and topping it with my own homemade crust! :)

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3 Responses to Baking my first pot pie from the first beef pot pie experiment

  1. Sheila says:

    THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC….. hey give me a bite.. dang..

  2. Lane says:

    Hehehe! Hang on, honey! I’ve got Chicken Pot Pies coming, too … and I’ll bet you could use turkey in them :)

  3. Lane says:

    On second thought … you could easily use turkey in this same recipe, too. Just swap out my steak & chop seasoning for something more poultry-friendly. If your turkey is already cooked, then just fry the onions by themselves first, then toss in the turkey pieces to warm/pick up the tasty flavors from the fried onions … then make it pretty much the same way from there :)

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