Talking about Spaghetti on one of my canning groups…

… made me head for the pantry … and a jar of spaghetti sauce I’d put up earlier in the year. We made some pasta, cracked it open, and fixed your basic spaghetti stew bowl … one of our favorite ways to eat it! Our spaghetti sauce is the chunky variety filled with celery, peppers, onions, mushrooms, meat and tomatoes … along with just the right amount of seasoning … enough to say “Hey! I’m Italian!” … but not so much that it covered up all those great flavors in the sauce :)

Bonus points: we’re still eating bread from Zingerman’s … so I made some parmesean peppercorn garlic toast out of it … spread it with butter … sprinkled it with just a whisper of garlic powder … and put it on the electric griddle … both sides … to get it all nice and crunchy and cheesy and marvelous … to go along with the … umm? …

…. errrr? … what was that other thing we were eating with this amazing, awe-inspiring garlic toast? :)

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