My new Butter Bell :)

You may remember that I made myself a butter bell recently, but–as inspired as the idea was … I’ve got to be honest–I’m having problems finding the right glue to make it a permanent set-up. After a certain amount of time in that richly-moist environment inside of a butter bell–perfect for butter–the dampness just worms its way into that hot glue seal I tried in the beginning, no matter how thick/viable you make it. Crazy Glue had the same outcome. Then the new, specifically “for glass” glue I bought is so noxious fume-wise that I’ve been afraid to put butter anywhere near it. Basically, my homemade butter bell experiment is a great big flop … at least for now. I’ll keep working on it–I’ll never let it beat me … I’m wirey … *chuckles*–but I’ve just been frustrated that I really WANTED a butter bell for my kitchen … an actual, working one :(

I was at Costco yesterday, and lo and behold … I found one there, at one of their “Road Shows.”

They had three different ones, in fact … and they were three different prices: $49.99, $39.99, and $29.99, based solely on the pattern.

They were all pretty, but–truly–I liked the $29.99 one best … because I really liked the blue on it :)

I also love this one because–unlike my homemade one, which holds one stick of butter–this one holds two sticks.

A half-pound of soft butter, at my fingertips! I love it already! :)

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