Product Review: Rada Cutlery

Of all the great things I brought back with me from the Food Journey 2010 … I think I love my Rada Cutlery the most! :)

Rada’s classic line of knives–which I preferred–feature brushed cast aluminum handles permanently bonded to amazingly sharp stainless steel blades. This construction method creates a very durable, functional and beautiful knife. They do recommend hand washing their classic knives, but–if you lead a busier life–they also introduced a line of automatic dishwasher-safe knives in 2007, featuring black stainless steel resin handles.

I picked up eight Rada pieces during my raid of The Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, IA. Individually, I bought:

Old Fashioned Butcher – R109
Grapefruit Knife – R130
Granny Parer (2) – R100
Delux Peeler – R141
Super Parer (2) – R127
Tomato Slicer – R126

Right off the bat … that butcher knife is amazing, especially when you consider the price! Rada butcher knives cost 1/3rd to 1/4th (or less) than comparable knives from high-end cutlery manufacturers like Wusthof or J.A. Henckels, yet–from what I’ve seen so far–they’re every bit as well-made and useful! So far, I’ve sliced several huge hunks of meat with this knife … and it went right through them like they were made of room temperature butter. I’ve also used to to slice my buckboard bacon (made from whole boneless pork loin) into extremely thin slices for frying: an operation that requires patience and a very sharp knife. Bluntly, my new Rada butcher knife works better at that job (and most others, too) than any other knife in my drawer.

I haven’t used the grapefruit knife yet, but I can tell you that I absolutely love the super parer and the granny parer! They weren’t in my small knife drawer a week before they’d become the #1 things I reached for … every single time! Especially the granny parer! It fits sooo nicely in my hand! It’s compact, it’s razor-sharp, and–with it–I can peel/slice/dice pretty much anything quickly and easily!

The delux peeler works great, too! It peels pretty much anything you throw at it, and it works in either direction, too … so it’s perfect for both lefties and righties. However, I honestly wish I’d bought the normal size version they offer instead. Why? you ask. Well, that’s easy: it’s too “delux.” My hands are rather large for a woman’s. Even at normal weight, I still wear a size 7.5 wedding ring … so my hands are definitely big. That’s why I chose the larger version of the peeler to start with. I have another one at home–a little one, some other brand–that hurts my hand if I try to use it for long, so I bought the larger one this time. However, this peeler is apparently made for a large man’s hands … not a large woman’s hands. It’s too big for me–and my arthritis–to use comfortably for any length of time, too … so I’ll save it for the times my husband is helping me cook, and put the regular version on my wishlist. I’m sure it peels just as nicely as the delux version does, and hopefully it won’t hurt my hand, too.

Last–but definitely not least–my new tomato slicer is designed to slice tomatoes paper thin … without crushing them in the least … and it works great, too! In fact, I used it last night … along with the last of a batch of buckboard bacon to make BLTs for dinner, featuring stacks of paper thin tomato slices! :)

In other words, my new Rada Knives are a big hit around here. They’re new to me, but they’ve pushed the rest of my knives completely out of the way from pretty much the moment they moved into the drawer. And–so far, except for yesterday when I discovered just how sharp these things can be … when I was slicing bacon … and my finger, too–I’ve never regretted buying them! :)

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