The final haul from the 2010 Food Journey! :)

I’ve finally finished the inventory of my car from my 2010 Food Journey. I broke it down into three basic categories: The Dutchman’s Store, my spice-shopping trip to Chicago, and everything else :)

From The Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, IA, I bought:

a wallet for my cute husband
a wallet for me
three 30-ft lengths of sausage casing, $7.99
bulk dried lima beans, $1.39/lb
bulk instant clam chowder, $7.29/lb
bulk barley flakes, $.69/lb
red tin coffee cup, $2.59
4 melamine rose bowls, $1.59 ea
matching rose spoon, $.99
matching rose spoon, $1.19
2-gallon stainless steel pail, $9.99
2-gallon pickle crock, $19.99
green full-body apron, $13.95
a handmade baby dress, $12.95
heavy-duty plastic bag holder, $6.99
bulk sour cream and chive powder, $4.49/lb
bulk dried kiwi, $4.99/lb
bulk instant pistachio pudding, $3.49/lb
Ball Pickle Crisp (2), $4.79
Morton’s Tender Quick (2), $3.89
bulk freeze-dried peaches, $53.95/lb
bulk freeze-dried strawberries, $53.95/lb
bratwurst seasoning (f/25# of meat), $2.25
bulk instant banana pudding, $1.79/lb
bulk do-cel conditioner (f/bread), $2.59/lb
large stainless spatula (w/wood handle), $3.69
small stainless spatula (w/wood handle), $1.99
3oz apple flavoring, $2.39
3oz peach flavoring, $2.39
3oz burnt sugar flavoring, $1.99
1dr condensed bavarian cream flavoring, $1.29
1dr condensed blueberry flavoring, $1.29
1dr condensed caramel flavoring, $1.29
1dr condensed coffee flavoring, $1.29
lg metal spoon, $3.99
lg metal spoon, $3.25
lg metal ladle, $3.89
Rada Old Fashioned Butcher R109, $9.29
Rada Grapefruit Knife R130, $4.19
Rada Granny Parer (2) R100, $3.69
Rada Delux Peeler R141, $5.99
Rada Super Parer (2) R127, $4.89
Rada Tomato Slicer R126, $4.29
bulk rolled oats, $.49/lb
bulk granulated brown sugar, $1.39
bulk Dutch Jel light, $2.99/lb

and…of course…the best deal in the store….288 wide-mouthed canning jar lids for $36.95 :)

From my spice shopping trip to the Middle-eastern/Asian section of Chicago, I came home with:

2# dried brown cow peas, $3.49
2 4# bags raw almonds, $9.99 each
14oz roasted fennel seeds, $2.99
2# sabudana tapioca, $2.99
2# vatana white peas, $2.49
14oz cumin seeds, $3.99
14oz unsweet coconut powder, $1.99
14oz Swad chili powder, $2.99
14oz coriander seeds, $2.99
14oz fenugreek seeds, $1.99
6 packs misc. Indian cookies
7oz garam masala, $1.99
mulligatawny soup mix, 1.99
1# Turkish delight, $3.99
Maamoul date-filled cookies, $2.99 (when they’re $7.99 here)
2# cream of wheat, $2.49
2 tamarind candy, $1.99

… and the best find of all: one dozen tandoori skewers for $17.98

Aren’t those awesome bulk spice prices? The next time you’re in the Chicagoland area, go visit Devon Street! I can’t wait to try my new skewers!

And–last but not least–the rest of the story :)

Red longsleeve Yellowstone tshirt
Wild huckleberry coffee
Deputy badge
Carved wood toothpick holder
Black corduroy hat
baby blanket
2 pair deerskin gloves f/$10 a pair
purple zipper shirt
purple flowered shirt
cat door stop
1 case Stok (caffeine additive for coffee)
three “Lane’s Southern Orchards” teeshirts
a Lane’s Sou Orch coozie
a Lane’s Sou Orch shopping bag
a Lane’s Sou Orch SS coffee cup
Lane’s Sou Orch Peach Nectar
Lane’s Sou Orch Scuppernong Cider
Lane’s Sou Orch Muscadine Cider
1920s nickel silver bracelet
computer speaker/photo frame combo
2 pkgs tiny egg noodles, $.49
2 pkgs orzo, $.49
16 pkgs Splenda Minis, $2.85 each (when they’re $4.19 here)
9 pounds great northern beans
2# spearmint leaves, dried f/my husband
Acini di Pepe, $.49
alphabet pasta, $.49
stars pasta, $.49
black food coloring, $.49
3 2oz maple extract, $.49
2 3.87oz ground alum, $.49
.45 oz McCormick diced Jalapenos, $.49
2.12oz McCormick black sesame seeds, $.49
1.37oz McCormick ground savory, $.49
2.12oz McCormick ground mace, $.49
1.87oz McCormick white peppercorns, $.49
2qt mini-dill pickles, $2.19
2 San Sebastian Vintner’s White
pint homemade Fiesta Bean salad
pint homemade peach preserves
homemade spice rub
half-gallon peach nectar
2 disposable grills (f/bwb canner)
Braswell’s Fig Preserves
Braswell’s Pear Preserves
Braswell’s Scuppernong Jelly
Braswell’s Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam
Braswell’s Green Olive Tomato Dressing
Braswell’s Ga Peach Syrup
Braswell’s Raspberry Red Tea
Braswell’s Wild Berry White Tea
Big Bob Gibson’s White BBQ Sauce
5 quarts Duke’s Mayonnaise
3 pints Yum Yum Sauce
4 large containers Tone’s Spicy Spaghetti Seasoning
Anne’s Chicken Base
dried red field peas
dried large limas
Carnation Malted Milk
Red Pepper Jelly
Green Pepper Jelly
2 packages Morton’s Tender Quick, $2.89 each
Sunbelt Plantation’s Vidalia Onion & GA Peach Hot Sauce
3# raw shelled & peeled Spanish peanuts
1# Sunbelt Plantation’s pecan meal
Sunbelt Plantation’s Scuppernong Grape Jelly
Sunbelt Plantation’s Pear Preserve
Sunbelt Plantation’s Sugar-free Maple Praline Syrup
Sunbelt Plantation’s Sugar-free Roasted Pecan Syrup
homemade sugar-free concord grape jelly
2 1oz black walnut flavoring
rennet tablets
24 stainless steel Asian soup spoons, $7.98
2 pints home-canned figs
1/2 pint local honey
2 1oz butter flavoring
25# shelled raw peanuts
2 pink insulated bags
1# CASE grits
8qt steam cooker/juicer
8oz rice flakes
700ml Ho-Kee Ice Coffee mix
12 stainless steel double-pronged skewers
lg can butter beans w/ vidalia onions
lg can hoppin’ john w/ vidalia onions
lg can field peas and snaps w/ vidalia onions
2 cans hoppin’ john
4 cans squash w/vidalia onions
2 cans pepper n’ peas
4 cans field peas
8 cans white acre peas
12 cans butter peas
11 bottles Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce
aladdin mini chill bottle
4 pecan rolls

and…last but not least…

6 pounds Dunkin Donuts whole bean traditional roast coffee…from the actual DD shop…NOT the grocery store…or the online…they’re different!

I know. Some of that list seems rather mundane. That’s because they’re either regional items that I can’t get in the PNW, or items I found at insanely cheap prices there … when compared to what they cost me here. For example, I can find Morton’s Tender Quick here in Seattle … but it costs me almost $5/bag. I bought it for $3.89/bag at The Dutchman’s Store. And you’ll find a few things on that list that I could make myself, too–like the pepper jelly, pear preserves, etc.–but if I make that sort of thing … then I have a lot of it around … but if I buy a jar or two … I’ll hoard them and only eat them sparingly. There’s method to my madness :)

Now I just have to figure out where to put all this stuff! *chuckles*

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