Yellowstone National Park — NW Wyoming

As you hit the north end of the first park, you basically exit Grand Tetons National Park … and enter Yellowstone National Park! The $25 entry fee covers both, so be sure you keep your receipt.

I’d hoped to be able to see some animals while I was in Yellowstone–in addition to some of natures more impressive scenery–and I wasn’t disappointed. Barely got a quarter mile into the park, I came around a corner … and found a couple of cars pulling off in front of me, thanks to a young male grizzly bear who decided right at that moment to go strolling across the road. I didn’t get very close–needless to say–but I did manage to snap a couple of pretty decent pictures of him.

I’m sure he was far from the biggest grizzly in Yellowstone, but he was still easily 250-300 pounds … and nothing I wanted to tangle with up-close.

However, it was very exciting to watch a bear that big … loose and moving around completely free … and that close to me.

Of course, the scenery was awesome in this park as well, even more so in some places.

I also never lacked for spectacular panoramas :)

Also, if you ever wondered if all of Yellowstone looked the same … have no fear! I found a tremendous amount of diversity in the landscape there … from the lush lake above … to the stark valley pictured below, still recovering from the last time Yellowstone wrestled with a volcanic eruption. Most of Yellowstone sits inside a volcanic caldera, basically a hot spot over the top of a deep volcano. It’s been dormant for decades again, but …

I don’t want this blog post to run too long, since I’m trying to use some fairly big resolution images here. It could easily take forever to load unless I break it up … and I’ve got more to come from here :)

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  1. Ann S says:

    Don’t tell kim you saw a bear.
    Oops! i already did. =)

  2. Lane says:

    What? Did she go and not see one? I was barely in the park when I saw him, and–honestly–I just got L-U-C-K-Y! That’s all it was :)

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