Yellowstone, continued :)

Yellowstone is home to some amazing geothermal formations, but–hands down–the most spectacular thing at Yellowstone is, of course, Old Faithful.

If for some incredible reason you don’t know who or what Old Faithful is, that’s the name of a big steam geyser at Yellowstone, famous for both its size and the fact that it erupts on an almost regular schedule: every 90 minutes, give or take a few.

I got there in time to set up with my cell phone camera … and I started/stopped my camera no less than fifteen times trying to capture this piece of film. Tell me what you think :)

In addition to Old Faithful, you can visit several areas of Yellowstone where the effects of heat of the lava dome below the park can be seen. Warning signs appear in several areas, telling park patrons about the dangers of straying off of the prescribed paths.

It reads:

In thermal ares the ground may only be a thin crust above boiling hot springs and scalding mud. There is no way to guess a safe path: new hazards can bubble up overnight, and some pools are acidic enough to burn through boots. More than a hundred people have been scalded to death and hundreds badly burned and scared.

Leaving the boardwalk or trail, or taking pet beyond this point, is unlawful and potentially fatal.

Throwing objects into thermal features, collecting specimens, or defacing formations destroys what nature took centuries to build. Violators will be prosecuted.

Black Sand Basin is one such area, filled with volcanic obsidian glass and several active steam vents.

In fact, this basin allows you some of the closest looks you’ll get at Yellowstone’s geothermal activity.

Needless to say, this was one of my favorite spots :)

Around another corner, I found a herd of bison! Unfortunately, I was the fourth car to come upon the herd … when there were only three close parking spaces. I grabbed the next space I could find to pull off, where I did manage to at least get a couple of pictures :)

Back in the car … and right back out again at Nymph Lake, which I thought was one of the most spectacular spots in the park.

Standing in this same spot, I felt compelled to record a message for my husband about my feelings :)

More in the next chapter :)

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