Well good :(

I spent the night in East Missoula, MT, then got up fairly early and got on the road … anxious to finally be home! It had been a wonderful trip … but I wanted to see my HUSBAND and my PUPPIES something FIERCE!

I was tooling down I-90 barely an hour later–barely seven hours from home–when the battery light suddenly went yellow on my dashboard :(

I pulled off on the side of the highway, cut the car off and called my mechanic in Seattle. He confirmed for me that it was probably the alternator–which was my first guess, too–and suggested that I turn off everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to the operation of the car … and then head out fast, trying to find a mechanic … which could be problematic, considering it was Friday.

Luckily my mechanic (one of them, at least) is from Montana, so he asked where I was. When I told him I was on I-90, and the next exit was a town called Superior … he suggested I head there and find Carl’s Auto Repair … a place he knew himself.

Luckily, Carl’s was open … and they confirmed our alternator diagnosis fairly rapidly. Unfortunately, they had to order parts for me … that weren’t going to arrive until Saturday morning. That meant I had to find a hotel room for the night … at 11am.

Thankfully the Big Sky Motel already had some of their rooms ready for rental, so–by noon–I was already settling down for the evening … unhappy that I wasn’t going to be sleeping in my own bed that night :(

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