The Grand Tetons — NW Wyoming

I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, so I was excited as I left Jackson, WY the next morning and continued north. Coming in from the south, you enter Grand Tetons National Park first, and my first panorama made the trip worthwhile :)

I’ve seen quite a few mountain chains in my life, and these were very pretty! The Tetons may not be as tall as Mt. Rainer or as vast as the Rockies, but the Tetons did not disappoint :)

Now, I admit readily that I’m just a beginning videographer, but if you’d like to see a little bit of moving perspective on the Tetons, then …

The mountains in this area are very picturesque, and–surprisingly–my cell phone takes some pretty decent pictures, doesn’t it? :)

And I couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day to explore these two parks.

As you can tell, some of the vistas were just too BIG to capture in one image … so I had to take several pictures, and stitch them together :)

There were great vistas around pretty much every corner. I could have spent hours there, taking pictures … but I ultimately didn’t dawdle too long in the Grand Tetons side of things. I really only had one day to explore both parks, and Yellowstone was already calling my name :)

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  1. Ann S says:

    I love being in Grand Teton National Park. Love it! Love it! Love it! Looks like you had a beautiful day.

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