Durango’s — Superior, MT

Stuck in a small town like Superior–without wheels, per se (since I knew my car only had a limited amount of time/juice left in the battery)–my options for food were pretty slim. In fact, my best choice was right across the street from my hotel, a local place called Durango’s.

Needless to say … there’s no website. However, you can find them at:

204 E 4th Ave
Superior, MT 59872
(406) 822-4967

I walked over about 2pm to grab some late lunch, and was met by a friendly, young waitress who seemed genuinely sorry to hear about my problems. She handed me a menu as she ran off to get me some iced tea, and I started looking for something interesting to eat. The place is a combo restaurant and gift shop, kinda like a Stuckey’s … with the same sort of basic American food menu: bland and uninteresting … but hot and filling.

With nothing more interesting in the offing, I choose the Roast Beef and gravy with mashed potatoes, which came with a soup or salad option. The weather had been getting colder and colder the further north and west I got, and I’d been trying to get warm in my big, empty concrete hole of a hotel room the whole afternoon–to no avail–so I decided that soup would probably be a better choice for me :(

My one soup choice was clam chowder … so I decided I was going to have clam chowder.

I knew the soup instantly. They obviously shop at the same restaurant supply store I do. My first-glance comparison to Stuckey’s was pretty accurate. It was hot (sort of) and filling, but not much to crow about.

My roast beef came out shortly thereafter, and it was the same: hot and filling, but that’s about it.

The waitress made the meal far more than the food did. I took most of it back to the hotel room with me–and then threw it away when I checked out the next morning–but she and I had a lovely conversation, which inspired me to come back the next morning for coffee to see her before I got on the road again.

Final score: I can’t go any higher than a solid C for Durango’s, even taking the sweet waitress into consideration. The food was basically Denny’s/Shari’s/Stuckey’s/Shoney’s basic American cuisine … average food prepared with average attention to detail for an average price. That deserves an average review … because friendly waitresses often accompany that cuisine … and Durango’s epitomizes average.

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2 Responses to Durango’s — Superior, MT

  1. Colleen says:

    I am have to agree with you on the food.We stopped today.The food took way too long from order to delivery..40 minutes and was cold.We ordered a chili-burger with fries.
    Ever eat cold chili and very crunchy fries that tasted like they were dipped in grease one to many times.Very unhappy with food…Server was nice but rushed.She mentioned they had tournaments in town-I noticed 4 girls wandering around picking up a plate or too all running and 6 other tables in the restaurant.Sorry they were so busy. Wish I would have taken a picture of our food.The cheese was melted,had melted so more shredded cheese on top.Lots of cheese.

    Very unhappy with Durango’s and will not stop again.If it was so busy in town,where was a manager or owner at this time to assist?

  2. Lane says:

    I often wonder the same thing, Colleen. When you see waitstaff overstretched like that–especially when they knew they were going to have “tournaments in town”–the first thing I ask is … why don’t you have more people on the schedule today? And the second thing I ask is … where’s the manager, and why isn’t he/she out here helping out with the customers?

    I guess Durango’s keeps its doors open because it’s really the only place to eat in that area of Superior. I think I saw one other small, local restaurant there (down in the middle of town–such as it were–away from the interstate), but I don’t think Durango’s faces much in the way of competition for your food dollar in the greater-Superior area.

    Bottom line, it’s just like my quest for a mechanic that day. If you’re on that stretch of I-90 … and you’re having car problems … then Superior is your only choice. And if you’re on that stretch of I-90 … and you’re starving … then Durango’s is your only choice. The difference is, I found a great mechanic at Carl’s Garage. Yes, I had to spend the night because he had to order parts from Spokane–two states away–thanks to the kind of car I was driving. I did have a delay thanks to that … but then the mechanic (thanks, Tom!) gave up the first day of hunting season–and part of his Saturday morning–to get me back on the road toward home. Plus, once he had the parts in hand, he moved quickly and efficiently–and I was out of there in less than an hour total, with only a $40 labor charge–when many mechanics would have turned that over-time rate job into a much longer extravaganza … just to bilk the trapped tourist out of a few more dollars.

    In other words, he still had pride in his work and reputation, despite the fact that he was the only game in town. He went the extra mile, even though I had no choice but to take whatever he gave me.

    Durrango’s needs some work in that area, especially if they ever want to be more than just “average.” Until then, I’m with you. When I’m on that stretch of I-90 again, I won’t stop there. I’ll pick another exit/town someplace else.

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