The Virginian Restaurant — Jackson, WY

I slept pretty hard after my exciting night driving through the wilds of Wyoming, and I woke up early the next morning, anxious to get on my way into the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone area.

I wasn’t sure what food might be available once I actually got inside the National Parks … so I decided to grab a good breakfast that morning at The Virginian Restaurant, right down the road from where I’d stayed the night before.

The Virginian is part of a lodge–that even includes a liquor store and a beauty shop–and it’s so big that it’s not hard to find if you’re in Jackson. But of you’re not, the actual street address is:

The Virginian Restaurant
740 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-4330

I was surprised–and pleased–to find grits on the breakfast menu. Grits?!?! In Wyoming?!?!?! How novel :)

My breakfast was pretty good overall, but I’ve got to say it … those grits were runny. There’s no other way to describe it. They were more like grits soup or maybe grits gruel … which is just NOT the way to serve them.

Grits shouldn’t be al dente. You don’t want them crunchy … but you also don’t want them watery either. Good grits should be:

  1. cooked through, no crunchy bits!
  2. creamy, achieved by lots of stirring.
  3. thick enough to eat with a fork.

These were not NEARLY thick enough. You needed a spoon to eat them, period, even before I added a little butter. Plus, grits are like potatoes, pasta, and rice. If you don’t salt them while you’re cooking them … you can NEVER get them to taste right adding salt later. And these had a little bit of salt in them … but not NEARLY enough.

So, the rest of the breakfast was pretty good–I even made and enjoyed a sausage sandwich out of half of that big patty, one piece of toast, and some jelly–but the grits were a major disappointment.

And I’m not quite sure who “Taxi Tim” is, but …

Final score: The rest of my breakfast was good. Plus, the coffee was hot, tasty and plentiful–and I was able to get a tall one for the road–so even with the bad grits, I’ll give The Virginian a solid B. They seem to be a local haunt as well as a tourist place, they were conveniently located, and they had plenty of parking available … so they’re a good choice for anyone who finds themselves in Jackson … just don’t expect much from the grits.

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