Village Cup & Cakes — Keosauqua, IA

After a restful evening in the Hotel Manning … without internet, unfortunately (“mine’s working” was their only response, when none of the three wireless devices with me could log onto their network, which was broadcasting that it had a problem) … despite their advertising “free high-speed wi-fi” …

… I decided that the Village Cup & Cakes was my best choice for breakfast.

They’re located at:

Village Cup & Cakes
202 Main St
Keosauqua, IA 52565-7726
(319) 293-8200

The selections for a hot breakfast were pretty limited–and I wanted to get on the road–so I opted for a fresh blueberry scone and a cup of coffee.

It ended up being very tasty overall … plus, their wireless was working … and the conversation (political, of course) was refreshing … so I really enjoyed my breakfast, including some of the artwork around in the shop :)

Final grade: Their coffee was kinda weak (which is especially bad if you’re offering to flavor your coffee … Torani and Davinchi just absolutely overpower weak java) but the blueberry scone and the conversation were excellent overall … so I’ll give Village Cup & Cakes a solid B+ … with a note of advice to the owners. Your pastries are good … but use more coffee beans in every pot. Make your coffee taste like COFFEE! Your customers will thank you for it :)

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