Misty’s Malt Shop — Keosauqua IA

As much as I enjoyed talking to my new friend (for nearly four hours), I had a destination in mind for that evening … so I had to get moving :)

I’d made a reservation for myself that night at the Hotel Manning in Keosauqua, IA … because it was the closest hotel to my destination for that next morning. It was also a funky old B&B, so I thought it would be a fun place to stay :)

I ran late getting there–and I was really getting hungry after all that two-lane blacktop … with absolutely ZERO in the way of restaurants along the way–but as luck would have it, I found Misty’s Malt Shop still open once I reached town, right near the hotel.

Again, no website … but you can find them at:

Misty’s Malt Shop
106 Main St
Keosauqua, IA 52565-1190
(319) 293-3815

I scanned the menu … and spotted what I wanted instantly: a loose meat sandwich!

For those of you who’ve never had a loose meat sandwich, it’s basically a plain sloppy joe … one that’s minus the ketchup/sauce. In fact–according to legend–loose meat sandwiches started in Iowa, back in 1934 … so it was the perfect meal for my evening in Iowa :)

Misty’s loose meat sandwich was made from soft-cooked hamburger meat–ladled on a soft bun–with some crunchy-cooked hamburger thrown in, too. They served it with mustard, onions and pickles … and it made a decent sandwich overall. My side of curly fries was pretty average overall, but the loose meat sandwich made up for it some! It was a little gray for my tastes–meaning that the meat was more boiled than browned overall–but the seasoning in it kept it from being too bland overall.

Final score: I give Misty’s a B+ overall. It was pretty bland and basic food. Hot, yes. Filling, yes … but they could have taken a little more care overall with their sandwich … and made this a meal to remember! As it were, it was just hot and filling … but not much more.

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