Krystal’s Breakfast — Chattanooga … but any city will do!

I know … I’ve already blogged about Krystal’s before. However, that was for lunch … and Krystal’s got their start in Chattaooga, TN … so their breakfast deserves its own blog post. Besides … it’s really tasty, too :)

On my last morning there, my sister–who’s not much on grits–chose the Express Breakfast, complete with scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, and hash browns:

Me? I enjoy the Breakfast Scramblers … mainly because the ones I like have grits in them! :)

Krystal’s offers five different versions of the Scrambler: Original, Low-carb with Bacon, Low-carb with Sausage, Sausage Gravy, and Pancake. Personally, I prefer the Original–grits topped with scrambled eggs, cheese and a sausage patty. It’s the perfect breakfast in a cup as far as I’m concerned :)

As far as a grade goes, Krystal’s breakfast is hot, cheap (mine was less than $3.50, including coffee), fast … and still very tasty, with creamy grits and perfectly cooked eggs. They weren’t too hard or too soft: they were just right … and that deserves an A in my book … expecially from a fast food place, where most people wouldn’t even notice or care … just as long as it was fast and cheap. Yet, this breakfast was fast and cheap … AND well-prepared, too. SCORE! :)

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