Southside Saloon & Bistro — Chattanooga, TN

Saturday night we decided we needed dinner and music! As luck would have it, a local classic rock band called The Stratoblasters were playing that night at Southside Saloon & Bistro.

Note the bar-light. My pictures didn’t come out great, gang. Sorry! :(

The menu at the Southside Saloon is like a snapshot of your basic Southern bar food: hot wings, potato skins, a monster burger … the same sorts of things you’d expect to eat while listening to music in most venues. And your choices are interesting, but limited:

My sister opted for the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Bites with Fries. Wow! They were great … but they were HOT! And those fries were KILLER! OMG! They were the best thing on our two plates.

I decided to stick with seafood, thinking I wasn’t so far from the coast that I might still get a chance to find fresh. No such luck, but my butterflied shrimp were still pretty tasty … even if they did come out of a box in the freezer in the kitchen.

And, of course, the Stratoblasters were excellent as well! :)

I always rate restaurants based on their category, so I’d never expect a place like Southside Saloon to rate right up there with a 5-star restaurant. It was basic, but SS met my expectations for bar food. The thing I had a bit of a problem with was they didn’t warn me that their onion rings were beer-battered. It’s not that I have a problem with the alcohol … I just don’t like the taste of beer in batter … so if I’d realized that was how they made them … I would have opted for the French fries instead.

Final score: I’ll give the Southside Saloon a solid B. It’s not the best bar food I’ve ever eaten—not by a longshot—but it’s far from the worst, too. However, the Stratoblasters were excellent! They deserve an A! :)

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