I strike out North for the last time this trip … and Jenkins’ Buffet

I know I’ve been doing a lot of zig-zagging on this trip, but I am finally turning North for good this time. I left my aunt’s house near Dublin … stopped in Powder Springs to visit a wonderful friend from one of my canning groups … and then we promptly hit every thrift store within a 20-mile radius :)

It was a short visit (next time, Sheila … next time :) ) … but I’ve been away from home more than three weeks already … and I’ve got to start beginning to head that way. Granted, my trip is far from over! I’m now back to spend a few more days with my friend (who I call my sister) in Chattanooga … before heading to see my father-in-law in Chicago.

I arrived about dinner time, so we headed out to discover another local favorite in Chattanooga: Jenkins Buffet!

If you’re ever in Chattanooga, you can find them at:

4122 Ringgold Rd
East Ridge, TN 37412
(423) 629-5449

Jenkins Buffet isn’t as large as some of the other Southern cooking buffets I’ve tried this trip, but we definitely found plenty to eat. My sis filled her plate with things that interested her:

Note the peas on her mashed potatoes. When asked, she said “that’s my vegetable sundae.” She further explained that she would never eat peas as a child, so that concoction was the only way her mother (whose name was also Lane) could get her to eat them :)

I found my own goodies at the buffet:

Note the lack of piled anything…chuckles… That’s because–in response to me saying “I don’t like it!”–my parents said “eat it anyway!

See those baked beans? They were KILLER! The rest of it was excellent as well … but I could have eaten my weight in those baked beans. They were filled with tiny diced bell peppers and just enough BBQ sauce to be tasty … without being overwhelmed. And their fried chicken was some of the best I’ve tasted on this trip.

However, some of the other veggies were a little disappointing … mainly, I think, because as soon as I crossed the GA/TN border … apparently I lost butter beans and field peas as buffet options … replaced by great northern beans and that strange corn jelly stuff.

Ah well … the honeymoon’s over :(

Final score: I still give Jenkins’ Buffet a B+ … even without butter beans. Everything was well-done and tasty, and I’d definitely eat there again! :)

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