Ronnie’s Restaurant — Savannah, GA

As I was pulling out of Savannah for the last time, a familiar sight caught my attention. Right at the exit for Dean Forest Road off of Interstate 16 … you’ll find Ronnie’s Restaurant, a classic old-style Savannah eatery. Part drive-in, part sit-down restaurant, Ronnie’s offers salads, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a lot more. In addition to having some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever tasted (I’ll give you a hint … they grind up their leftover fried chicken to make the salad) AND they have the best chicken fingers in five states, period!

Ronnie’s also boasts the #1 thing I was craving right that moment: a Sweet Thing!

Ronnie’s offers Sweet Things in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. I love every-single-one of them, but I decided that today I needed a chocolate Sweet Thing most of all.

I’m not quite sure how they make them, but Sweet Things are sort of like the Chess Cake I recently described. The recipe is designed to separate and make layers in the dessert … from a rich, dense brownie-like cake at the bottom … all the way up to a top layer that’s almost a combination of frosting and creme brulle. As you can see, those layers are a big part of why I love a good Sweet Thing:

Granted, they’re not very good for your blood sugar … but a Ronnie’s Sweet Thing is good for your soul on occasion, especially if–like me–you’re suffering from a major lack of the foods you were raised on. And I must admit that–since I haven’t had one in a while, and I’ve been craving one–it’s hard for me to judge just how good they really are objectively … but let’s put it this way … when I’ve been leaving trails of food behind me every-single-place I’ve gone so far on this trip …….

…….but I ate every single bite of that Sweet Thing :)

And Ronnie’s always gets an A in my book!

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