Amigo’s — Chattanooga, TN

We decided on my last night in Chattanooga (for now, anyway) that we wanted Mexican food. After my bad experience at Old Mexico back in Georgia … I wasn’t in any big hurry to eat anymore bad Mexican food … but my sister convinced me to give Amigo’s a try.

Amigo’s is a Chattanooga chain, and you can find their website here.

One look at the menu told me they had at least one thing I wanted: QUESO!! :)

Yes, that mystical, magical cheese dip I miss so much in the PNW! And Amigos definitely knew how to make it good! It was hot and creamy—a little on the thin side, but that changes as it cools—and not overwhelmed with a lot of spices or peppers or anything that detracted from that lovely hot, melted white cheese!

I also decided to give their special guacamole a try, and as soon as they brought it to the table—in a little lettuce cup that you have to tear away to reach it—I knew it was going to be delicious! It was absolutely FILLED with chunks of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, fresh lemon juice and more … along with big chunks of fresh-mashed, perfectly-ripened avocado! It was—quite simply—awe-inspiring mounded on a crisp tortilla chip.

As my sis and I discussed, we probably could have made a meal just off of the queso, the guacamole, and a basket of chips, but—silly us—we ordered even more food than that. My sister opted for a combination plate featuring a tamale, a burrito, and a chili relleno.

I decided to try something a little different, so I ordered a combination plate that included a taco, an enchilada, and a beef and cheese tostado.

Unlike the rather pedestrian Mexican food I’d eaten down in Fitzgerald GA recently, Amigos was basic but EXCELLENT! Everything was well-seasoned … without being over-seasoned. That’s the problem I’ve been having lately with Mexican food. I love the heat. The heat just doesn’t love me! In fact, foods that are too hot for my belly just become instant rental food. My stomach just refuses to hold anything that’s burning me … at least, not for long. It just comes right back up. But–unlike several Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at recently–Amigos is not out there to BURN YOUR TASTE BUDS OFF AT THE NUB! They understand that heat and flavor are two different things … and that’s great in my book! Their meats were also well-cooked and seasoned, and they remained flavorful without getting greasy on the plate as they cooled … which is great, too.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but we also got a flan and a sopapilla for dessert. And the fla was good … but I have a secret weapon for eating the sopapilla … it’s called queso :)

Look, I know it sounds strange … but give it a try. Take a fried flour tortilla … drizzle it with honey … sprinkle it with cinnamon … and then pour queso over it … mmmmm … it’s divine! :)

Final Grade: A- Definitely the best Mexican food I’ve had on the trip.

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